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FOCUS. Yes, dialed in tunnel vision, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand-maximizing every minute of your particular workout.

PUMP/VASODILATION. The holy grail-blood engorging the muscles, veins popping out of your skin, muscles looking twice their size. Sounds great, right? Yep-it is.

Muscular Endurance/Lactic Acid Buffering. Getting those extra reps and sets when your normal workout says “hey-you’re done buddy.” Those extra reps and sets are responsible for creating those ever so needed micro-tears, the ones that repair a little stronger and more dense, for yeah, muscle growth. Do NOT underestimate this portion of your pre-workout. It’s one thing to THINK you can lift the weight, and an entirely different thing to actually DO IT.

  • 10g Citrulline Malate 9:1

  • 3.5g Beta Alanine

  • 1.5g Agmatine Sulfate

  • INTENSE Neurotrophic/Stim Complex!



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    Super bio

    Posted by Josh b on 2nd Apr 2022

    Only gets 1 stars, I order this product and they sent me bio pump instead. Product before was good, just wish i got it in my most recent order...