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Safe-Air Ultra Air & Surface Sanitizer System

An Amazingly Powerful, Compact Portable Filterless Air and Surface Sanitizer System, with 4 Purification / Disinfection Technologies including Needlepoint Ionization, Advanced NASA Designed PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation), and Activated Oxygen that Quickly Remove Airborne Dust, Dust Mites, Pollen, Mold Spores, Smoke, VOC's and Kill Bacteria & Viruses, with Up to 3000 Square Foot Coverage! 


Uses & Benefits:

  • Portable Indoor Large Room Air & Surface Sanitizer / Purifier
  • Up to 3000 Square Foot Coverage 
  • Destroys Bacteria, Viruses and other Germs in the Air and on Surfaces with NASA Designed Technology
  • Strong VOC's & Odor Removal--from Pets, Cooking Food, Mold / Mildew, Cat Urine, Smoke & other Organic Sources
  • Moderate Synthetic Chemical Removal--such as Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Formaldehyde
  • Strong Particle Removal (Removes Over 99% of Particles from Breathing Zone--Dust, Dirt, Pet Hair, Dander, Mold, etc.)
  • Better than UV Air Purifiers; UV light output degrades over 8-12 months; the SafeAir Ionizers Last 10+ Years
  • Quickly Reduces and/or Eliminates Allergies and Asthma Symptoms caused by Low Air Quality
  • BEST FOR:  Bedrooms, Nurseries, Homes Offices, Common Areas, Health Care Facilities, Salons, Hotels, Dental Offices, Restaurants, Nursing Homes


  • 4 Powerful Technologies:
  • Electrostatic Filtration - Filters out particles & keeps the unit itself clean and filter the air beyond HEPA filtration.            
  • Needlepoint Ionization - Germicidal, Antimicrobial; Generates a continuous stream of negative ions that circulate through the home. 
  • Scalable Activated Oxygen Purification - Easily adjustable settings to fit the preferred level of purification for your home or space.
  • Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation - Germicidal, Antimicrobial -Works with Scalable Purification settings to destroy biological contaminants as well as odors, mold, bacteria & viruses.
  • No Filters to Replace
  • Easy to Read, Easy to Adjust LCD Control Panel 
  • Separate Activated Oxygen Control & Timer, On / Off, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours
  • Remote Control
  • 1 Year Warranty
Technical Specifications:
  • Room size up to 3000 sq ft
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 9.25"W x 12" D x 12.5" H
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 18" x 15" x 12"
  • Product weight 10.2 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 12 lb
  • Airflow 100 CFM
  • Speed control options: Variable
  • Casters No
  • Input - 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 2.5 A
  • PCO Cell Output - <0.02 ppm ozone
  • Purification Plate - 25-360 mg ozone per hour
  • Ionization - 24-30 KV

A Powerful Air & Surface Sanitizer Who's Time Has Come...

Concerns about airborne and surface pathogens are at their highest levels in years. Finding the right air cleaner, however, that can effectively neutralize those pathogens on surfaces and in the air has become a real challenge with literally thousands of air purifiers on the market and each claiming to be able to provide 'safe air'. There is only one filterless air and surface air purifier, however, that provides 4 proven technologies with test results, all in one compact, affordable package....  Meet the new SafeAir™ Ultra Air and Surface Purification System with proven OptiPure Technology to rapidly oxidize the worst odors, destroy dangerous bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces, freshen your air, energize you, and purify the air you breathe--all at an affordable price.

What is OptiPure Technology?  OptiPure Technology produces the world's most powerful, yet 100% safe, sanitizing molecules proven to rapidly oxidize organic materials, odors, mold and even infectious viruses! First discovered and used by NASA, OptiPure unleashes a precise blend of TIO2, activated oxygen and healthy negative ions (essential air vitamins) that will sanitize and protect up to 3,000 sq/ft in your home or business.

OptiPure electronically reproduces our Earth's most effective cleansing molecules that will rapidly transform any space into a purified, safe breathing zone. SafeAir's agressive air cleaning technology can sharply reduce the quantity of viruses, bacteria and other hazardous airborne and surface bound particles by 99.99% - This includes H1N1, Klebsiella Pneumonia, E-Coli & Staph Infection bacteria! 
The Safe-Air Ultra Disinfection Process

1 - Sanitize - Eliminate Surface Bound Germs, SafeAir's controlled ozone concentration levels will proactively oxidize surface-bound germs to assure cleanliness & hygiene of your space 
2 - Sterilize - Destroy Airborne Viruses - With it's incredible oxidation capacity, ozone technology helps eliminate the airborne bacteria and viruses that can often make you sick!
3 - Purify - Eliminate Airborne Allergens- SafeAir™ cleans your air of odors and allergens such as smoke, pet dander, mold, dust mites and pollen that can cause allergy or asthma flare-ups 
3 - Ionize - Freshen Indoor Air - Experience an overall calming effect with millions of negative ions that freshen indoor air, reduce stress, boosts energy and increases overall alertness

Nature's Purifier 

Step outside just before a strong rain or thunderstorm and take a whiff of the air. One of the first aromas you pick up is a sweet, pure, and often described as "fresh," scent lingering in the air around you. What you are experiencing is the natural scent of natural ozone, or activated oxygen! Ozone in this form is a strong, oxidizing compound that occurs naturally in our atmosphere, and through electrical generation. Used properly in activated oxygen form, ozone allows you to unleash the power of a refreshing and revitalizing "thunderstorm in a box" to sanitize and purify your living or workspace for safer, healthier and more vibrant indoor living experience. You no longer need to step outside for a "breath of fresh air," now you can experience it everyday all day long with SafeAir™ Ultra!  And while supplies last, get a free SafeAir Mini for travel use, closets, restrooms and more!

1 Year Warranty included