Coldest 32oz Bottle W/Loop Lid

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32 oz Water Bottle

Huge Growler carry load for people that drink water all day

Strong Handle

Forget caps that break. This is heavy duty time. Carry the 32 oz Water Bottle with confidence

Superior Build

Built of true stainless steel, double wall material, topped with a powder coat. We wanted to create the best 32 oz growler

The Ultimate Growler

Built for Athletes and High Performers. No cheap materials. No cutting corners. We understand you need the best.

Lifetime Warranty

Against manufacturer defects. We believe in our products and understand you need to too.


We believe in only owning 1 water bottle. This is the #1, best water bottle, your last bottle, built of the highest quality materials to live a long life and to keep your water the coldest as long as possible


  • Cold for at least 36 hours or more
  • No-Sweat Technology
  • Floats in oceans and pools so you never lose it
  • Rubber Grip and big handle for carrying
  • Perfect size – Not too big, not too small!
  • Durability -Very strong and solid build -Fit big ice cubes
  • Odor Resistant -Tight, non-leak screw cap with option for to add a straw cap.
  • Light-weight, yet strongest durable water bottle build

 Up to 36+ Hours Cold

Yes, our hydo bottles are extremely good looking, but they are also slightly heavier than others, to keep our liquids the COLDEST. We use real, true-stainless steel, vacuum insulated, powder coated, and perfectly crafted for an entirely new experience.

Check out our COLDEST sleeves you can carry our bottle around hands free!

Rumor has it that we use mythical craftsman mastery while perfecting the flask, and that is why they stay so cold. 


Most hydro bottles do not use high quality stainless steel, the flask punctures easy, they leak, rust quickly, dent easier and most importantly do not stay cold as long.  You demand so much. We know. We do too. We’ve built our bottles using True Stainless Steel Grade Metal, thickest of its kind. Whether you need a gym bottle, bike bottle, or the best sports bottle, this bottle is built to be your last bottle, The Coldest Water.

Our athletes find that they fill their bottle with ice before they go to bed, and two days later, there is still ice in it and our beach bums, find that the ice will last them through their day of basking in the sun.


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